Monday, July 24, 2017


"Can you figure out how to get in this?"

"Nope..It's got me stymied. 
Why don't you try chewing your way through?"

"Nope..that does't work either.
I guess we'll have to move on to another restaurant."

It sure took them a long time to give up and they
will probably be back...

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Friday, July 21, 2017


I recently attended a friends' moving/yard sale.
The furniture had been moved to storage so
everything on the first floor was for sale.

Cute scarves...

I love this print..Waiting for attention from the boss.
Everyone waiting for his turn to ask his question
or present his idea..

This is nice as well..pardon the reflection.

She took the doors off of her cabinets..
everything inside was for sale.

 She is a size 0-2..xsmall/petite
That is not a very common size around here.

The yard sale was to be spread  over three weekends.
The last weekend was to include this..
Certainly a daunting task just to go through
 it much less taking it upstairs.

My suggestion was to go through it looking for anything of value and then....
call the junk man or a flea market person to take everything!!!

 I think that is going to be the plan..there was only a week left .
There are some storage tubs under all of that
with some good linens and other keepers.

 I hope things work out without causing too much more stress.
It's hard to do all that when one is by ones self,
 moving across the country, has way too much stuff and a basement that looks like this....Yikes!!

PS...She went through it all and took it upstairs.
No more yard sales.
 Flea market people were called and finally a guy who
cleans out houses. After one truck load, he left.
The dumpsters were full..the house empty and she's on her way to 
Maine for some much needed R&R.
Then it's off to Oregon to live near her son and grandchildren.
A new chapter !!
 Good luck dear friend...I will miss you.