Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Several months ago I visited one of our garden centers.
This Orchid was on their "sale" or throw away pile and had "bugs".
It had three stems loaded with buds.
I couldn't resist the temptation to save it.
This is my reward....

It looked like this with the three stems and buds.
Now it has started to bloom and I no longer see signs of infestation.

I usually don't have a lot of luck with orchids but
what the heck??
These had a really good start..
You can see the other buds starting to bloom as well.

My cottage gets a lot of sun and my humidifier is running.

The previous nursery owners would have treated these plants , 
made them healthy and then sold them.
Today, it seems, everything is disposable....

My Christmas/Easter cactus is blooming as well.
They must be happy.

Monday, March 2, 2015


 Not far from here is our local ski slope..
It's small by most standards but it serves a purpose
 and can be seen from almost anywhere.
They make their own snow 
and have an area carved out for tubing.
what do 75-85 year olds do on a beautiful if not brisk winter day?

We go tubing...

There won't be a lot of words in this post..
The pictures speak for themselves.
The "inner tubes" get pulled up by you
 to a "moving sidewalk"which pulls you up to the top of the slope .
Getting on and off of it is the hard part but it gets easier.
(especially when one of the staff takes your tube up on top of his).

Here we go..the trick is to go down facing the front.
I went down backward the first time.

This is one of the adjacent ski slopes..

Another trick is to go down in groups  giving you more momentum and getting you to the end..
This next picture has been everywhere...
I was standing next to the news media when it was taken.
This is my version.

Who brought the marshmallows...?

Of course all this fresh air stirs up an appetite...
Sloppy joes , Soup,Chips and cookies ..

Our ever present wellness center staff handed out
 "certificates of accomplishment."

It was lots of fun.

Of course the local news was there enforce..It's a BIG deal !!







ABC 27

Two local newspapers were there as well.
Front page headlines..

It was a fun day !! Thanks BV...

Friday, February 27, 2015


Week Two

Here come the trusses for the to watch.


I know I heard a "this is too short" and a "this won't work"
once or twice.

Once the windows and roof were finished ( 2 weeks),
things seemed to go very slowly.

Besides the construction on the house,
there was a lot more going on having nothing to do with this house.
PPL (electric), Verizon (cable), and a carpet installer. 

Sometimes an average day around here.

There were workmen here on and off all summer, fall 
and half of the winter.
All of this outside my bedroom window which was open
 a lot of that time.
 The new house has a gabled roof, larger kitchen and an added powder room.
It has the same footprint as my cottage and to do that ,
they had to make the bedrooms very small.
The new occupants moved in last week before I could get good
finished outside pictures.

 This is the Florida room that was added and a little patio.
I don't think that plant is going to make it.
Not a great picture but I had to be a little sneaky to take it.
It's in the back behind the dining room and next to the garage.
Remember the shirtless roof guys??
Now there is snow on the ground..It took almost a year !!

Hopefully they aren't bothered by bugs because they are very bad.
I would never be able to sit out there..I guess they'll find out.
I hope they are happy here....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


March 5th, 2014...Fire!!

It pretty much stayed like this until mid June.

When it rained it was pretty stinky..

The fire started in a car on the carport that was idling to warm up.
No one was hurt..The house was totaled.
The occupants moved to another cottage.

June 21st a dumpster arrived and stayed there all  summer.

They always blame delays on permits, insurance, etc.
I know there is some truth to that.

Day 1

The house was gutted..
The brick and the concrete foundation were saved.

By the end of the week, it was totally gutted
and the foundation for the Florida room was dug.

The concrete was poured for the Florida room and a small patio.
(to be continued)

I appreciate your comments. They put a smile in my day. Please visit again soon.