Friday, March 23, 2018


We set a record for this time of year.."Spring".
I have to say it was pretty..still is.
We haven't really had more than a couple of inches
a couple of times.

So what does one do on a snowy day??

 Well, take pictures, of course.
Zoey spent the day bird watching with Mollie
 who was enjoying all
the activity.

There will be no rhyme or reason to this post...
just pictures..

This is another Molly who lives next door..

There was a lot of bickering today...

Coming in for a landing..The feeders were busy today.

These guys are getting their summer yellow.

 This is across the street. I didn't take my camera on our walk..
It's still snowing and I didn't want it to get wet...

Last but not least..the driveway.
It's dark but our street lights light up the whole county.
The reflection from the snow makes it even brighter.

Deer tracks in the back yard the next morning.
They go through here each night.
You can hear "white Molly" barking at them.

I don't expect this to be around's melting already.
We lost at least half of it on Thursday.
Have a happy weekend!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


This is the post that I had originally written for today.
Why waste it??

"Instant Winter"
I looked out of my window several days ago
and we were having a whiteout.
Thankfully it didn't last more than five minutes.
It was already starting to accumulate.

5 minutes later !!

Not so today...
As I write this our fourth nor easter is in progress.
I think this is the prettiest snow we have had all winter.
If the projections stay true,
it will be the most snow of the winter as well.

It's been snowing off and on all day but it's
getting serious now.
It should slow down in an hour or so.
We can still see the blades of grass sticking through.

About one half hour South of us, they have had 6 inches.
We have been very lucky so far this year.
I love the big, fluffy flakes.

This is the first half of a one-two punch.
(I just heard something about a part three).
Two and three are to start tomorrow AM with snow
accumulating one inch per hour.
It will all be over late tomorrow afternoon.
So we'll see.
One thing for sure is that it's too warm to hang around long.
Happy Spring!

To be continued....

Monday, March 19, 2018


Spring, that is....

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.
Somebody forgot to tell the weather.

These are my Lenten Roses making an effort!!
But then, they bloom in the snow.
Our leaves have been cleaned up but some remain and I'm glad
they provide some protection for these buds.

The Snow Drops have been blooming for weeks.

This will be a bank of Daffodils soon.

 Everything is taking it's time..
The next few weeks have snow (light) and twenty degree temperatures in the forecast (at night).

The buds on the trees are getting ready to burst.

Tulip bulbs are coming up..The pansies have frost bite.

The residents garden is waiting for it's wake up call.

This little waterfall was started..May be a little early!!
It could freeze next week.
I wish they would get rid of the painted rocks.
It was probably some groups' project..

Lot's of Tulips and pansies groupings around.


A little yellow showing...

These have to be wild but I don't know what they are.
Maybe those umbrella looking flowers that grow in the woods??
I can't think of their names...nothing new there!!

We'll take this walk again when it's prettier..
Have a wonderful week.