Friday, October 20, 2017


We have a lot of Cardinals here.
I hear them quite often.

They fight with the Robins for birdbath space.

This one was hanging out in front of my kitchen window
begging to be photographed.

 My kitchen window is blinds!

It won't be long before their background will be snow.

We may have to wait a bit..
It's going to be in the high 70's next weekend.

Thanks for the visit Mr. "C".
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


"Ya got yogurt?"

"Gonna save some for me?"

"Maybe I'll try the over the shoulder approach..

Don't take your eye off the prize."

"That didn't work..I got into trouble for grabbing her spoon.
I'll try the lap."

"She sure is taking her time."

"Ah...first the spoon."

"She sure doesn't leave me much..I don't get any granola."

"Is that yogurt on my nose?"

"A good kitty washes up after eating."

"Then it's nap time under the couch where I can see everything...Just in case that "Jazz" dog comes for a visit. 
Then I can make a run for it and hide under the bed.

"I hope you all enjoyed having breakfast with me. 
Stop by again and maybe she'll share some with you too.
We are here every morning."

Monday, October 16, 2017


This past weekend we held our annual pig roast
to benefit our "Building Our Community" fund.
These funds will help fund Phase 2 of a three part plan.

It was held in Phase I...The Rife Center
As I left the parking lot,
 I came upon the gentlemen doing the pigs.
They are from a local farm (Strocks farm)
and have been here every year rain or shine. 
 We appreciate their support.

They were gracious enough to lift the lid for a photo op!!!
This turns in to...

which is made in to sandwiches to which is added
a baked potato, slaw, an apple and a drink.
Of course barbecue sauce, horse radish, butter and sour cream are also available.
Eat in or take out.

Desserts are sold by the Auxiliary.

The work is done by resident volunteers and associates.

I should have asked how many pigs are year!!

Besides the food sales,
there are individuals who  contribute as well.
We thank them for their generosity.

$10,000 closer to our goal.
Thankyou to the volunteers, participants and contributors.