Monday, September 18, 2017


About three years ago,
I was given these Dahlia bulbs by a dear friend as a birthday gift.

They have not disappointed getting more beautiful each year.

 Miss you lots....Be happy !

Friday, September 15, 2017


I was looking out of my front door the other day 
while talking on the phone..
I saw a squirrel with a very strange tail.

Pardon the pictures but it was a quickie...
His tail has what seems to be two joints.

It's as if it has been broken several times but it's longer than most..

as if he's had a transplant !!!

Several days later....out in the back yard.

Sometimes it looks like a raccoons tail with rings.

Wouldn't he love to have this one??
He'd be the envy of the neighborhood.

Or maybe this one??

This one might mess up his balance a bit..
Looks like it could use some combing..She gets groomed soon ;)

He's tough to photograph..Always scampering off somewhere.
Have a happy weekend.