Friday, June 23, 2017


Zoey is almost always nearby...
This is when she is at her best and most appreciated.

More often than not,
she is playing with cords and straps
and anything else she can get those fuzzy paws on.

Always the busy girl...from paws to mouth.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


While doing the dishes the other day ,
I noticed "Mr Chips" hanging out in the Cherry tree.

Seems he was waiting his turn at the bird feeder.

I think he was waiting for a squirrel to leave.
A bird would not have deterred him.
Happy first day of summer

The longest day of the year, June 21st provides us with the maximum amount of daylight. ("Summer Solstice"). The North Pole will have 24 hours of daylight today. ("Midnight Sun"). The further north one goes, the more daylight they will experience.

Monday, June 19, 2017


I put a small pond in at my previous home 
that underwent lots of tweaking. (You know me).
Working in the "Pond Department" at a local nursery
during the summer helped nurture this hobby.
It kept me pretty busy but I thoroughly enjoyed it and miss it.

I miss "Quackers" the most, I guess.
Quackers was a Mallard that for seven years ( I moved)
would build her nest up against my Sunroom.
She would leave her nest late in the morning each day. 
The drake would bring her back around cocktail time when they would  take a "dip" and he would fly off until the next evening
leaving her to sit on her nest.

Ain't love grand ??

This is one of my favorite pictures with her newly hatched ducklings. 
It is pretty old (15years) so the quality leaves much to be desired.

It has been through lots of editing over the years as well.

As soon as the ducklings were hatched,
they would head in to the pond.
After about a half an hour, 
they would follow their Mom to the nearby wetlands .

One year it was pouring rain and she made herself big enough
to cover all her babies as they left the nest.

Another year my water level was a little low so I made a ramp
from an old piece of formica for them.

Several years after that I had the same issue. 
Quackers stood outside of the pond at a place where she knew
they could come out under the rocks.
Nature works it out somehow.

There are lots of stories that go with this pond...

This is a Snapping Turtle that came up from the wetlands.
Fortunately the ducklings weren't there.
It did manage to eat the bellies out of two of my Fantails.
I took him back where he came from.
The Duckling population suffered because of these guys.
I once found three baby snappers on my front porch..

The bush behind Mollie is where Quackers had her nest
having two or three clutches a year of 8-12 ducklings.
She became pretty tame and tolerant of Mollie.
You almost had to walk on her to make her leave her nest.

Mollie knows a lot of the later stories..
The pond was a little older than she was.

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