Friday, September 4, 2015


 I am lucky to live in an area where there are a lot of farmers markets and produce stands.
 This week I had a hankerin' for some fresh fruit.
Mollie and I started out for one
 and ended up going to the one that's a little closer....
It looked like the sun was going to come out
 after being overcast all day.
I didn't want to close her up in the car.
Of course I didn't take my camera.

There's nothing better than summer tomatoes..

Applewood sausage and fresh farm eggs..
Can't wait for breakfast.

Pork barbecue and Parmesan  Chicken for the freezer.

That should do me for a few days....
Have a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Getting ready..

So were the skies...

By mid day we had 2 inches of rain.
The concert had already been postponed until the next week.

Later that evening.....6:30 to be exact.....
when the concert was to start.

For a grand total of..

We needed it badly and the concert will be just as good next week.
It may even be cooler. 

Forward one week.

It was a very well attended event and the weather cooperated.

Almost dark...


Monday, August 31, 2015


Since a Pennsylvania team has won  this series.

They did it in front of a record 45,000 + crowd.


The pitching was phenomenal by all teams.
It's hard to believe that these kids are just twelve years old.
The sportsmanship and mutual support was the best.
There were several heroes but they all deserve
 a well earned round of applause.

The pitcher Cole Wagner is probably already breaking hearts.
What a cutie !

Sunday they played Japan ( 3 times world champs) for 
the World  Championship...
and lost 18-11
After the first inning it was looking good.
We were ahead 10-1 but only scored one run after that.
Still, they should be proud.
US Champs is nothing to sneeze at.