Friday, February 24, 2017


Doesn't she look innocent?
I hope you can see the color of her eyes.
They don't always look this green ... like emeralds.

What is it about cats and sheets??

She had to squeeze herself in to every little fold...

I had to be very careful because at the end of those cute paws
are needle sharp claws although when she gets you, she stops.
She's very good about that..

On to the next game !!

I can't leave anything open around here..
I found an emory board in my bedroom that was in a drawer under the bathroom sink !!

Never a dull moment....she's so quick !!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


This Coopers Hawk spent most of the morning
 sitting across the street just watching and waiting.

These pictures were taken through my storm door
 which has one way glass making the pictures a bit cloudy.

We see him pretty often ...
The other day, he was flying overhead with a squirrel in his beak .
Several crows were chasing him and he had to drop his prey
which was either already dead or died from the fall.

Monday, February 20, 2017


It's hard to believe that it is the middle of February.
This weekend the temperatures have been in the high 60's.
It's going to "cool off"  to the 50's this week.
I just had to get out in the yard and do some cleanup.
The tanbark will be coming in two weeks.
Saturday I did the front yard.

All the leaves somehow ended up under this tree 
at the end of my house..very convenient.

The garden at the end of my house is where my Hydrangeas are.
They have lots of buds already.

Last year we had a late freeze which killed these buds.
The bushes didn't do well last summer.

Sunday I did the back garden where most of my perennials are.
I didn't let them clean up my leaves last fall.
I consider them "natures blanket".

I also don't cut the plants back until Spring..
I've lost some by cutting them back in the fall.
So I had them to cut back and lots of leaves and twigs.

Ready for mulch !

Once again, I did it the "easy way".
I cut back all the perennials 
and blew everything in to the yard at the same time.

There were lots of plants starting to push up.
Too early!! 
I hope we don't get a big freeze but the chances are good.
Who knows with this crazy weather?
Maybe I should have left their blankets on ? We'll see.

It was just too nice not to be out side.
And what was my family doing while I was slaving away?

Mollie had been out for awhile chewing on a new shin bone
but Mr Hawk started circling closer and closer and she had moved to the shade where I couldn't see her so I thought I'd better 
put her in the house.
I don't think the Hawk could lift her but he could certainly
hurt her trying.

Enjoy your week.