Friday, April 18, 2014


This past week BV held their annual
 "Fashion Show and Luncheon" which benefits our auxiliary.

Volunteers solicit local businesses to donate items 
that can be used in gift baskets
 which are raffled off at the luncheon.

My sister won the gift certificate from the local Art Center
that can be used for an art class.

I won this one that included two massages..Yay !!

Corrine and Leroy are picking numbers...
JD  is deep in thought.

Sandy is our Wellness Director and sometime model.

Ellie is one of our residents.

The womens clothes were from Chicos.
The mens clothes were from The Mens Warehouse .

Cute vest !!

I bought this shirt..

This guy was a hoot..really got into the modeling thing.
I don't know who he is.

Sorry his picture is blurry but he was always on the move.

Maureen had to strut her stuff too..

It was a fun afternoon for a good cause.
The food was good as well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Last weekend a group of us went out to our local track
 for dinner, slots and the races..

I've been told that in Pa.,
to have a Casino there must be a  race track.

This horse decided to go it alone..Who needs a jockey ?
There were a couple of these rebels.

He was hard to catch making it necessary to gang up on him.
Of course he was scratched.

Coming down the home stretch....

An ambulance followed each race.

This horse wants to keep going long after the race is over..
"Whoa Nellie " !!

After each race the tractor did it's thing.

Some people come just to play the slots.

I bet on a couple of races...Won two, lost one.

And the winner is !!!

The food was good...
It was a long night but we had a good time.

Monday, April 14, 2014


 I left this morning  forgetting to turn the heat up.
I turn it back to 63 at night.

When I returned home I found Mollie lying in Max's sunny spot.
She's never's Max's bed in the day time.

She's daring Max to get up on the bed...

You are barely able to see the fur ball along the bed.
That would be Max.
He finally gave up and opted for the living room window.
Before long the interloper joined him.

Poor Max..There is never any peace for him.
He was here first as well... 

This is how it usually ends up.

May your day be a peaceful one.


Friday, April 11, 2014


When I moved here, I asked for black lights.
I thought they would show up better against the yellow siding.
Brass pits and looks ugly after a few years.
These have started already. 

They look pretty good in the pics but 
they are beginning to deteriorate.
They are putting black ones ONLY on the newly rehabbed cottages
and weren't agreeable to switching mine out.

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

I'll have to get some of those "flame" light bulbs.
Much better 
and it has a built in motion sensor.
Have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Just in case you missed Mondays post....
I am replacing this window with a larger one 
and installing a ceiling fan.

I use this room as a den.
It gets the afternoon sun and can get quite warm in the summer.
I had fans installed in all but this room..Who knew??

When I contracted to do this I asked
"How long will it take?" 
"A day" was the response.."An hour to put the window in." 
Here's the old window..
It's impossible to see anything but rooftops from it.

Here's the new window and it did only take an hour 
once the brick was cut and the hole cut out for the window.

If you are waiting for a "but", here it comes.

There was the three step (three days) spackling/sanding
 to cover up the old heat duct hole that had to be moved 
so that the fan could be in the center of the room.
Then they could paint...
Then they could install the ceiling fan (another day).


I didn't count the replacing the bricks because it was outside and they actually did that when the painting was done.
They were here every day last week from 30 minutes 
to usually half the day.
They did a great job and I'm happy to have it done.
Now I can get rid of the dust..Yay !!! 
Here's the end result.

My house was surrounded all week.

Max loves his new window..I'll have to hang a bird feeder there.
He slept here the first night.

I have ordered the Plantation blinds to match the rest of the house.
Good job guys....Much better...Just ask Max...

I appreciate your comments. They put a smile in my day. Please visit again soon.