Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Wednesdays post was about fledgling Sparrows leaving their nest.
The next day when I went out to fill the feeders, 
 this little one was sitting on my windowsill.
I took this from inside....pardon the reflection.
I disturbed him when I filled the feeder that he was sitting under.
He flew to a nearby bush.
His flying skills have a way to go. Hope he does OK.

The following day this baby was sitting in my Cherry Tree.
They have not ventured very far from home.

I cleaned out the birdhouse today....
getting ready for new tenants.

Good luck babies.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Look who's thinking about spreading his wings..Finally!!

It seems as though there have been babies in this birdhouse
since early spring.

I think this may be the second group of Sparrow fledglings.
I can tell this is the baby by his beak.

Mom came by frequently to "encourage" him to leave.

At one point they were both inside
 and the house was shaking a bit.
Maybe a little pushing and shoving??

Several times he stretched his wings for a very short flight out
 and immediately came back to the nest.

I took almost forty pictures in about a half hours time.
These were taken around noon.
Later,  before dinner, I was taking out the trash
and a very low flying sparrow almost hit me in the head and landed in the grass..
I hope they make it through their first few days.

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