Friday, July 31, 2015


Am I crazy??
Mollie and I are really looking forward to this.

 I am sitting here with a bright red face and the ends of my hair are dripping , not to mention the sweat.
One hour, spent mostly in the shade doing a little watering
was all it took.

We are in our third day of  low 90's!!!
The dew points are up there as rain
Several years ago it was 104 !!
I thought a little snow might make me feel cooler.
Thank goodness for air conditioning. 
I grew up without it...we dealt with it back then.
We didn't know any better.

Mollie would prefer a little white stuff as well..

"One more month of summer, Mollie."
Have a "cool" weekend....Happy August

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Behind my house is a thicket of Forsythia.
Somehow it missed getting whacked so far this year.

Early in the morning or at dusk 
there been a lot of baby bunny activity. 

These pictures are of three of them..
The last several days I have only seen one at a time. 
I've seen a cat nosing around and then
there's the Hawk !!
I don't know how anything makes it around here...It's tough.

The grass was just mowed yesterday 
so you can see how little they are.

Monday, July 27, 2015


We have had some pretty severe summer storms lately.
They didn't last long .. 
maybe an inch and a half of rain in an hour.
I have one tree that doesn't hold up well to these.

When it is bare, 
one can see several broken branches hanging here and there.

My daises are a bit battered as well.

I may be wishing for these storms soon...
No rain, temps in the 90's and Hi humidity are in our future.

Of course the rains bring out the worms...

Have you ever seen a Woodpecker at a bird feeder? 

Have a pleasant week.. 

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