Friday, November 27, 2015


Is everyone full of turkey?
Now it's time to go shopping...Not I folks.

One of the stops my sister and I made last week 
was at one of our local nurseries.


One of the stops my sister and I made last week 
was at one of our local nurseries.

We had lunch and wandered around a bit.

Bulk bird seed...

There was a table at which one could make peanut butter and birdseed ornaments.

Ann thought she would give it a try.

We left it there for someone else..a bit messy.

I have to say that each year I am disappointed with this business.
It has been around least 50 years.
It was taken over by the employees  maybe ten years ago.
Since then, the prices have skyrocketed and they don't have the selection they used to have.
These were all the Poinsettias that were there and this was the day after their open house. 
This room used to be at least half full of them.

Both of our nurseries have gotten into clothing for some reason.

I'll try to get my camera over to the other nursery
 in the next week or so.
Have a fun weekend...Good grief, it's almost December!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My sister Ann and I were out running errands last week
with no thoughts (that I knew of) of getting a Christmas Tree.

As luck would have it, our travels took us to Lowes
 and Home Depot who had both just received a shipment of Christmas trees.

Last year we went to one of the local tree farms.
Ann didn't think she wanted to do that again .
This was so convenient and frankly, a lot less expensive.

Mollie and Jazz are talking things over.

It's in a bucket of water under their carport
until after Thanksgiving.
( I hope).

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 23, 2015


This is the end of it !!!
The last cleanup for this fall.
Don't think all the leaves are gone, there are still plenty left.
I hope they find their way around my poor, bare plants.
They need something to snuggle up in this winter.

 Such a dirty procedure and they don't wear masks.

So much for clean windows....clean anything for that matter.

Bare trees have exposed a lot of squirrels nests.

Happy Thanksgiving week!