Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This past weekend was spent
visiting two farms
whose owners
are either family or friends

 I went to Bee Haven Acres to visit
The Bee Haven Maven
her hubs,daughter,and grandson.

I was "greeted" by the Bee Haven Maven herself,
happily chipping away at the ice
trying to free up the frozen horse manure.
Trust me,she was NOT happy ...

The more cheerful greetings came from



After careful evaluation of the situation
I decided it best to head up to the house
(my bladder agreed)
where I was greeted by many dogs
the younger generation.

We spent a fun day drooling, crawling, playing,

and working on my blog header.
I have to say that I probably
participated  somewhat in each of those activities.
Hubs came home and we enjoyed a lunch of
cheese and turkey pannini sandwiches
and mixed fruit (farm grown) 
I always enjoy my visits to BHA

Thanks for your hospitality

Sunday I went to a friends farm
 to meet her  new donkey

(Shorty is the one on the left)
What a sweet girl she is...

Shorty took me on a tour of her home
and  asked me if
I thought that someday
soon she might be able to have a little sister because


who used to be a show horse, 
 has been sold
and will become a trail horse.
Shorty will be lonely.
I guess time will tell , Shorty

Just keep being your sweet, patient self
and the lady on your back
might hear your prayers.

Thanks  Karen

All in all, it was a fun weekend
I'm a little tired

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