Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"Randy and the terrors"
Three  Jack  Russels
Who are always in the attack mode
( initially )

We used to be afraid of them
but now we often do our
long  walk with them.

Randy does an amazing job
keeping all the leashes untangled. 
Lexi, Skoshi, and Duke.

                                   Sophie                                 Conner

Gruxie                                 Bernie


Baileys dad and I always stop to talk

Last but definitely not least
She just luvs Sparkey.
He has the most beautiful face

A very handsome boy

Mollie never leaves him alone

Sparkey is very tolerant..
On a good day they romp and romp

I've come to the conclusion
that Mollie has more friends than I do.
Everybody loves Mollie girl.

( There are five others who are away
for the winter. )


Beverly said...

Yes, that Mollie is a very very popular girl...I sure hope she doesn't put out!!!

missy max said...

She's still a baby !!!!

Jack said...

Molly's still the most beautiful of all!!

missy max said...

Mollie thanks you..got to you too....