Monday, March 28, 2011


Recently, I was given a most welcome
gift certificate to one of our local
garden centers.

So, today I thought I would go check out
my options.

(She is so cute and I already have the bench
but...... I DON'T collect fairies ..Hmmm )

There were soooo many cute things
I narrowed it down to two possibilities 
and chose the more practical.

Wouldn't the fairy be cute sitting on the edge???

Thanks B&J

Friday, March 25, 2011


This past weekend I thought it was time
to get out the water barrels
and hook them up.

I installed a "Y" diverter into my downspouts
so that when the barrels become full
all I have to do is
flip the tab and the water goes
back down the downspout.
( something else to remember to do )

This one is used to top off my pond.
We had a quarter of an inch of rain that night.
They're all full !!

While I was busy doing that,
Mollie was busy digging in the mulch
behind my wall.
No doubt looking for voles.

A month or so ago, I was looking through
one of my gardening catalogs
and came across this product.

It is little rubber stoppered tubes
filled with 10% garlic oil
and 90% soybean oil.
It is suposed to last 10-12 months.
You take the stopper off
and put the tube in their tunnel
or in the rocks of the wall.
It smells pretty bad..hope it works.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Every year for the past four years,
" Mr. and Mrs. Quackers "
have blessed me with their visits.
The first two years that they nested
by my house, mom had  3 clutches
of  9-12 little quackers.

This is 2007

I was lucky enough to be home and witness
the first few hours of their lives..
From just being hatched, they went directly
into the pond where they swam
for about twenty minutes.
My water level was low
so I used an old piece of formica as a ramp.
(they used it)
The following year the Mom stood
by the side of the pond where there was
an opening beneath the rocks
and one by one they followed each other
out of the pond.
After all of that, they followed Mom
about a hundred and fifty feet
through thick grass to the creek
unfortunately, the snapping turtles
 get most of them.

So here they are again....

" Should we ?? "

" I'll bet it's cold !! "

" Come on in...the waters fine. "

" Hmmm...not too bad.."

Me too..Me too....

The last two years something has taken the eggs.
Skunks? People? I don't know..
So I have discouraged their nesting
near my house
by putting a piece of chicken wire
 over their nesting area.
They can swim all they want.
(at their own risk , of course) 
It's very sad to watch her sit day after day
just to have her eggs suddenly gone.

Monday, March 21, 2011


This past weekend there was
a big fuss being made over the big moon.

It was big and it was beautiful

“Ask an astronomer and they say, ‘Half a degree, 180th of a right angle’ (the same as any other full moon),” said Terry Richardson, College of Charleston senior astronomy instructor, chuckling. “This will be a big half a degree.”
But it’s going to seem monstrous. The full moon will be at perigee on Saturday, the point in its orbit closest to earth. NASA’s website said the phenomenon is a super perigee moon, the biggest in almost 20 years.
It gave the impression of being bigger
because it was closer.
Things start to fly at my house
when the moon is full.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's time to clean up old man winters mess.
Sticks, leaves and pine bark nuggets
that have made their way
on to the grass.

Today was such a beautiful day and I
just couldn't resist being outside.
Thus begins the season of neglect
for the inside of my house.

It's also time

 to cut back the dead perenials
like mums and the Liriope.

I also managed to cut back several
of the shrubs
before my back said
"Enough already".

me being me,
I just had to take the net off of the pond
 hook up the waterfall pump.

Next comes the filter
but I think I'll wait until I recover
from todays chores.
After all, I've only just begun !!


Looks like I have a leak !!!
It's probably in the waterfall.
Long story short...
It was in the waterfall and it took
two days and a sore back
to remove
all the rocks around the water fall,
fix the leaks (2),
and put all the rocks back.
I should have changed the tubing
while I had everything apart,
but I didn't have any so, next time.
(And there will be a next time)
So far so leaks for two days.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I was out walking Mollie last week
in the middle of our monsoon.
When we came back home
I noticed this robin
sitting in the middle of the road
  in a river of water.....
just sitting.

After we had dried off,
 I looked out of the door again
he was still sitting in the middle of the road.
Do birds get water logged
and unable to fly???
Is he OK???
If he doesn't move soon he'll become roadkill.
I put my rain gear back on
 and went out to him getting pretty close
before he finally flew away.
(The picture isn't sharp because of the downpour ,
it couldn't be the photographer )


Shorty has a buddy !!

Shorty is on the right..DUH !

Meet Copper...another sweetie.
Love the eyebrows!!

On her trip east,
Copper developed a Bells Palsy type
syndrome affecting her lip on the right.
Could it be due to pressure
from her halter?
Hopefully it will go away with time.
It doesn't seem to bother her in any way.

Friday, March 11, 2011


If you live near this

You could be "blessed" with
a lawn looking like this
when the snow melts.

When the snow is on the ground,
they tunnel under it eating the grass roots
 leaving these little "runways".

The meadow vole

Usually active at night but
I've had them
run across my feet
while I'm working in my garden.
Their diet is grasses, roots
almost any green vegetation.
Voles often burrow deep enough
to get to the roots of some trees and shrubs.
They destroyed two of my maple trees
 and a rhododendren bush.
Cute little buggers...

They multiply like rabbits and in this situation
it's impossible
to control their population.
Hawks, cats, and herons
take their share
but there are more than enough
to go around.
Fortunately, the grass repairs itself
rather quickly.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolates ?????

The best resorts and  hotels leave chocolates
 on your pillow at night..
(or so I hear )

I don't know of any that leave doggie bones !!
I'm so fortunate.

Monday, March 7, 2011


This past weekend I had a visit
from my sister and her husband.

Ann and Joe

Bonsai is one of Joes hobbies
he's actually quite good at it.
Frequently, when they are here, we go to
the  "local" Bonsai experts to see what they
may have available and to buy some
bonsai soil (dirt).
They seem to get offended if you call it "dirt".

While Joe checks out the inventory,

Ann and I play with the locals,
( love the cheek muffs)

and make some new friends.

When it was all said and done, Joe
did manage to find a couple of
new trees to add to his collection.
We got some DIRT too !!

Friday, March 4, 2011

???? SPRING ????

There seems to be some disagreement
between the elements and
our dear Pennsylvania groundhog.
Are we going to have an early spring or not?
This little guy
 has been around for three days now.
It took me three days to get the picture.
(Hard to do when you have a dog  with you.)

So maybe there is hope???
It seems as though he doesn't know
that it is a cool 17  this morning.
When I was out this evening
walking my dog with no camera,
they (robbins) were all over the place.
I guess they're here !!!

And there he was again this morning
thumbing his little beak at me.
I guess the others are late sleepers.

Mr and Mrs Bluebird visited my feeder today.
They obviously don't
have to have mealyworms.

These redtail hawks don't want mealyworms
They want something furry with legs..
(Hopefully they'll get some of our many voles.)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's Jack's Birthday!!!

 Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
 but beautiful old people are works of art. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Have a Happy Day...

Love ya,