Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Every year for the past four years,
" Mr. and Mrs. Quackers "
have blessed me with their visits.
The first two years that they nested
by my house, mom had  3 clutches
of  9-12 little quackers.

This is 2007

I was lucky enough to be home and witness
the first few hours of their lives..
From just being hatched, they went directly
into the pond where they swam
for about twenty minutes.
My water level was low
so I used an old piece of formica as a ramp.
(they used it)
The following year the Mom stood
by the side of the pond where there was
an opening beneath the rocks
and one by one they followed each other
out of the pond.
After all of that, they followed Mom
about a hundred and fifty feet
through thick grass to the creek
unfortunately, the snapping turtles
 get most of them.

So here they are again....

" Should we ?? "

" I'll bet it's cold !! "

" Come on in...the waters fine. "

" Hmmm...not too bad.."

Me too..Me too....

The last two years something has taken the eggs.
Skunks? People? I don't know..
So I have discouraged their nesting
near my house
by putting a piece of chicken wire
 over their nesting area.
They can swim all they want.
(at their own risk , of course) 
It's very sad to watch her sit day after day
just to have her eggs suddenly gone.

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Beverly said...

Quack!! The sad thing is, even if the eggs hatch, the hawks usually get the babies....soooooo Sad!!