Friday, March 25, 2011


This past weekend I thought it was time
to get out the water barrels
and hook them up.

I installed a "Y" diverter into my downspouts
so that when the barrels become full
all I have to do is
flip the tab and the water goes
back down the downspout.
( something else to remember to do )

This one is used to top off my pond.
We had a quarter of an inch of rain that night.
They're all full !!

While I was busy doing that,
Mollie was busy digging in the mulch
behind my wall.
No doubt looking for voles.

A month or so ago, I was looking through
one of my gardening catalogs
and came across this product.

It is little rubber stoppered tubes
filled with 10% garlic oil
and 90% soybean oil.
It is suposed to last 10-12 months.
You take the stopper off
and put the tube in their tunnel
or in the rocks of the wall.
It smells pretty bad..hope it works.

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