Friday, March 4, 2011

???? SPRING ????

There seems to be some disagreement
between the elements and
our dear Pennsylvania groundhog.
Are we going to have an early spring or not?
This little guy
 has been around for three days now.
It took me three days to get the picture.
(Hard to do when you have a dog  with you.)

So maybe there is hope???
It seems as though he doesn't know
that it is a cool 17  this morning.
When I was out this evening
walking my dog with no camera,
they (robbins) were all over the place.
I guess they're here !!!

And there he was again this morning
thumbing his little beak at me.
I guess the others are late sleepers.

Mr and Mrs Bluebird visited my feeder today.
They obviously don't
have to have mealyworms.

These redtail hawks don't want mealyworms
They want something furry with legs..
(Hopefully they'll get some of our many voles.)


Beverly said...

Great pictures!!! Yes, our robins returned on Monday! YAY!!!

Jack said...

Love the bluebird picture. We have heard some singing up here.

missy max said...

Thanks Jack..I don't know what they sound like!!

Anonymous said...

good job!!

missy max said...


Anonymous said...

We have been seeing robins all week in the trees and yard. The other day coming out of Gaint I saw hundreds of geese flying north, yes spring is coming and I can't wait

Anonymous said...

We have hawks too but no robins spotted yet.Eileen

Anonymous said...

We had fun! Do those chickens lay eggs or just look pretty?

missy max said...

I don't know if they lay'll have to ask Bev what the necessary conditions are...