Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's time to clean up old man winters mess.
Sticks, leaves and pine bark nuggets
that have made their way
on to the grass.

Today was such a beautiful day and I
just couldn't resist being outside.
Thus begins the season of neglect
for the inside of my house.

It's also time

 to cut back the dead perenials
like mums and the Liriope.

I also managed to cut back several
of the shrubs
before my back said
"Enough already".

me being me,
I just had to take the net off of the pond
 hook up the waterfall pump.

Next comes the filter
but I think I'll wait until I recover
from todays chores.
After all, I've only just begun !!


Looks like I have a leak !!!
It's probably in the waterfall.
Long story short...
It was in the waterfall and it took
two days and a sore back
to remove
all the rocks around the water fall,
fix the leaks (2),
and put all the rocks back.
I should have changed the tubing
while I had everything apart,
but I didn't have any so, next time.
(And there will be a next time)
So far so leaks for two days.


Beverly said...

You have really been busy. I, too have been working on Spring clean up chores.....feels good to get stuff done. And....beautiful weather today!! YAY!!

Jack said...

What is liriope?

missy max said...

liriope is a ground cover..I think you have some on the bank outside your living room :)

It needs to be given a crew cut this time of year..It's in the second picture of the blog post..before and after...

Anonymous said...

you are getting quite poetic, Missy! as well as busy!....Ann