Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Six days a week one hears
 the sound
of the mail truck
 entering the neighborhood..

Being at the end of our neighborhood route,
 it gives everyone a clue as to the time
he might reach our street
where there are two boxes.

The residents on our street
are mostly retired .
The arrival of the mailman
seems to be a highlight of the mens' day.
( I call them "Jims'  groupies" )
There can be anywhere from 3-5 guys
 waiting at the mailbox for Jim.
( of course they were all absent today )

Here he is at the mailbox before ours
purposely delaying his arrival..
(the post office has no dress code)
He always brings with him a joke
or a funny story.
We all know that the mail really isn't
worth all this attention.
(We have offered to sit a trash can
next to the mailbox
 to save him the trouble
of putting it in to each individual slot.)

One day last week when he roared up,
he was on the phone with his wife.
He handed me the phone  saying
"Here, talk".
I talked to his wife
while he was putting our mail in the slots.
( I don't know her)

There are many fun stories I could relate
to you about Jim..
The mail may not be so great
but many times
Jim could really be called..

"The highlight of our day."



Beverly said...

What a sweet truly is the small things in life that make us smile!!

Anonymous said...

Lee, our mail lady is also so nice.