Friday, March 11, 2011


If you live near this

You could be "blessed" with
a lawn looking like this
when the snow melts.

When the snow is on the ground,
they tunnel under it eating the grass roots
 leaving these little "runways".

The meadow vole

Usually active at night but
I've had them
run across my feet
while I'm working in my garden.
Their diet is grasses, roots
almost any green vegetation.
Voles often burrow deep enough
to get to the roots of some trees and shrubs.
They destroyed two of my maple trees
 and a rhododendren bush.
Cute little buggers...

They multiply like rabbits and in this situation
it's impossible
to control their population.
Hawks, cats, and herons
take their share
but there are more than enough
to go around.
Fortunately, the grass repairs itself
rather quickly.


Beverly said...

Yikes!! I cleaned my turkey house this morning and found a whole city of mice. Dang varmints! Voles, mice.....all cute, but surely a nuisance!

Jack said...

I never knew that