Monday, March 14, 2011


I was out walking Mollie last week
in the middle of our monsoon.
When we came back home
I noticed this robin
sitting in the middle of the road
  in a river of water.....
just sitting.

After we had dried off,
 I looked out of the door again
he was still sitting in the middle of the road.
Do birds get water logged
and unable to fly???
Is he OK???
If he doesn't move soon he'll become roadkill.
I put my rain gear back on
 and went out to him getting pretty close
before he finally flew away.
(The picture isn't sharp because of the downpour ,
it couldn't be the photographer )


Shorty has a buddy !!

Shorty is on the right..DUH !

Meet Copper...another sweetie.
Love the eyebrows!!

On her trip east,
Copper developed a Bells Palsy type
syndrome affecting her lip on the right.
Could it be due to pressure
from her halter?
Hopefully it will go away with time.
It doesn't seem to bother her in any way.


Beverly said...

Awww, Copper is beautiful!!

Amanda said...

I agree with Bev! Copper!! How adorable!

missy max said...

I love their eyebrows !!