Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GAS $$$$

With gas prices as they are,
I am fortunate in that I only go to two places
that are any distance from my home.

(just in case the video doesn't work)

To West Virginia

( my sisters house )


To Millerstown

Bee Haven Acres
( the farm)

My other excursions are usually
within five miles of my house.

I forgot about these:



Beverly said...

You will need more gas for the mowers than the car at that rate!!!

missy max said...

This time of year, the mowers get run more than the car....

Jack said...

To save money you should ride your mower to the farm!!

missy max said...

Don't think so..It's a gas hog and I'd have to stop for potty breaks :)

Anonymous said...

gas is 389 for regular here.....
just so we don't have to wait in line like we did in the 70's...
I remember camping out in my car with Pumpernickle as my bodyguard.