Monday, April 25, 2011


I was watching TV last night
and I was surrounded
by such frenzied activity.

I'm not sure that I
can handle all of this excitement.
They forgot to invite me
to their slumber party.
I guess I missed the pillow fight!!


Spring has come (finally) to the pond.

The ducks visit daily, sometimes more often.
I have no idea if there is a nest.
She hasn't looked like
she's " with egg ".


they have both been here at least six hours.

They're still here...
Guess I should be looking for a nest soon.


Beverly said...

You really know how to have a wild time, don't you!! Your pond looks lovely...the ducks are a great addition. It's almost like they see it as their springtime home!

Anonymous said...

your slumber party looks like mine in the 50s! No booze!
I hope you see some eggs soon.....but they may be fried with this hot weather...Ann

Jack said...

Beautiful birds! What are their names?

Anonymous said...

Eileen Smith You built it and they came!

missy max said...

I haven't named's supposed to be bad luck but I've always called them "Quackers".