Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just couldn't wait any longer
to get and plant my annuals.
I'm very late this year
because of  all the rain.

First the 2 pots for the back patio.
I'm very happy
 with how they turned out. 

My ever present assistant.

Six true red geraniums
for the front yard.
( The ground is still very wet )

Last but not least....
a red , non stop begonia
for the front porch.
I don't have to plant anything else
but, knowing me,
there's probably another pot
in my future.
My back will have to recover from today


Beverly said...

Everything looks always!! You do have a knack for landscaping and decorating!!!

Jack said...

I can hear your back saying "Don't do all of your planting in one day!"

missy max said...

You're right but...I had the pots on a bench..I did have to bend over to do the 6 geraniums out front..and my back wasn't happy about that...hate being so limited..