Monday, April 18, 2011


Yesterday (Friday)
It was a bright, sunny day
I happily spent it at Bee Haven Acres

the new baby goats

Bev, Jenn and Tyler.

The morning was playtime.
Jack showed up during the afternoon.
 Dr. Becky gave the goats their vaccines
and worming medication
and Bev trimmed their hooves.
I, unfortunately, left my camera in my car
to keep it out of harms way.
Herding up the goats is no easy task.
Jack slipped twice in the mud
trying to catch them.
The rest of us were standing around waving our arms.
I missed some very good photo ops.

Today is gloomy and raw with lots of steady rain
and occasional thunder.

You can actually see the rain  coming down
in the black area under the bridge..

When I finished the above,
 I though the rain was about over.
It got so much worse..scarey at one point.

This is my new river running just behind
 and in to my pond.

Still my back yard

Compare this to the first picture above.
( and I thought that was high )

Compare the space under the bridge
to the second picture above.

We could actually go white water rafting.
Well, almost.
We'd have to be quick
 because this won't last, I hope.
My sump pump is pumping it out as fast
as it comes in..

There is never this much water
in these streams.
Most people don't even know that
the pond in the back of the first picture
This is what four inches of rain does
to already saturated ground.
Now it has all run together
in to one big pond.

It's a good day to do the wash
and iron and then....

Hmmm..warm and cozy.
I haven't had the fire on more than
twice this winter.
Good to have it today to take the edge off.

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