Monday, May 2, 2011


The robbins spend a lot of time
bathing in their new spa
( Thanks again B&J. )

                    ( This is the short version.)

The water is very muddy when they are
Most of the water has been splashed
out of the birdbath.

They need to leave some for those
that use it as a drinking fountain.

And, as ever standing by,
( or sitting by )
the ever present " quackers " ).

She still doesn't look like
she's "with egg"...

 " Hey fellas..I found a really cool place
where we can just hang out.
Whatcha think?? "

And not to be left out,

Mollies  buddy,  "Chippy"


Jack said...

now you are doing videos!!There's nothing you cannot do!

Beverly said...

You have a whole wild menagerie there!!! Great pictures. Love your bird spa! I need one of those!!

Amanda said...

You've got a ton of furry pals! Lucky gal!

Eileen said...

Where did the 3rd duck come from? Great camera work!