Monday, May 30, 2011


I went out to do something
in my pond one morning last week
and "my duck" flew out of the shrubs.'s a nest.
It's hard to see the indentation
in this picture, but it's definitely there.
(The dry chips)

She still doesn't look like she's "with egg".

I guess she must will be interesting
to see how many we end up with.
Over the next few days there were more eggs.
She keeps her nest covered now
so it's difficult to know exactly
how many eggs there actually are.

Hopefully we will have little ones to count.

To be continued........


Beverly said...

Awwwww...sweet ducklings...I hope! Molly looks like queen of the house!!

Anonymous said...

Eileen Smith
Nice of you to run a home for pregnant ducks! Better hope she doesn't spread the word lol

Anonymous said...

Marcie Smith that's so cute! I'll be waiting..................