Friday, May 13, 2011


It's early in "Pond season".
The fish are just beginning to come out
of dormancy.
 It's too cold to start feeding them because
they don't digest their food while
they are dormant.
Feeding them too early could kill them.

I no longer have fish in my pond.
There are many egrets and blue Herons
in the area and several years ago
they cleaned out my pond
now I have tadpoles that turn in to
bullfrogs and entertain me
throughout the summer.
(pictures to follow).

This morning I went to the local
"pond store" and bought six tadpoles.
Some of them have legs already.
Having worked there, I caught half of them
myself...(helpful me).
The rocks they have in the display
are pretty
but make it difficult to net them
without hurting them.
I caught mine by hand just like
the good old

When I brought them home, I floated them
in the pond so they could
become acclimated to the new
water temperature.

Welcome home little buddies.

I also picked up some water hyacinths.
( the pond version of clover.)
They are not hardy, spread rapidly
and provide much needed early
 season shade.
Shade supposedly keeps down
the algae growth.


They get purple , hyacinth looking flowers.
I have bought them that way
but never had any bloom in my pond.

I'm sure there will be more
from the pond as the season progresses.


Anonymous said...

Joe turtle came by today...I wonder if he would like tadpoles?

missy max said...

I have to think he would...Yummmm