Monday, May 23, 2011


My pond looks pretty gloomy all winter
 when it's
covered with snow and ice.

Slowly but surely it comes to
life with the arrival
of sunlight and warmer temperatures.

Unfortunately I seem to have developed
a waterfall leak..
kinda comes with the territory.
I know where the leak is but I haven't been
able to seal it...
I turned off the waterfall and put 
a pump with a little fountain in the pond
so there is some water movement.
Maybe I'll put some flowers on the waterfall.

Several years ago, Joe built a chest
for me
to house my filter.

Previously I had it covered with rocks
making access for cleaning cumbersome.

I just happened to catch sight of one
of the six tadpoles.
I have only seen them twice since
they were introduced to the pond.
This one is turning it's dark bullfrog
color and beginning to take on
the shape of a frog..

1 comment:

Beverly said...

Now it's a pollywog!! Your pond area looks lovely!