Monday, June 13, 2011


I saw this robbin in my garden
about three weeks  ago.
It has taken me that long to get a picture
of her.
I must apologize for the poor quality.
it was almost dark.
She spends a lot of time sitting
on my bench
with her back to me.
Finally she faced me.

Did you ever see a robbin with cleavage ?

She was so fat
 that her red feathers were spread apart,
 exposing her "underpinnings", 
 making it look as if she had cleavage.

She has since hatched her eggs
continues to sit on the back of my bench
with her back to me.
Now she has treats in her beak
for her new babies
no more cleavage!

PS..Sad to report that the crows
robbed the nest this AM...
an all too frequent occurrence here.


Beverly said...

Looks like she, too has Sadie's "glandular" condition....we already know she isn't "big boned!"

Anonymous said...

well fed crows :-((