Monday, June 20, 2011


Since there is absolutely
going on these days that is blog worthy,
I thought I would take a little trip
to days long gone.

This would be me in
 the arms of my paternal grandmother at
Mayfair, their home in Radnor.
Obviously "the fascinator" is nothing new.

Me again at six months ( I think younger
but that's what it says on the back of the picture)
 my Mothers horse , Gladstone.
I was hooked.


22 months later "Annie"
came along.
It would be very lonely now without her.
We're the only ones left.
It seems that as one gets older
ones world gets smaller.


This is my paternal grandparents  house
in Haverford.
I guess they were moving  from Mayfair.
That is an old Ryan and Christie moving van,
the only local moving company
back then.
They only lived a block away from us.
Most of those three blocks were relatives.

My grandmother was always taking pictures.
Their hedge and garden always in the background.

This is one of very few pictures
of  Ann smiling.

Too cute !!


Beverly said...

Great post. I love trips down memory lane!!!

Anonymous said...

Eileen Smith Scott and I loved the triP down memory lane. Do it again

Anonymous said...

I never saw the foto of Nana and you.....she looks like Eleanor Roosevelt.. nice to see these again. Ann