Monday, July 25, 2011


   This was taken today just before noon.
The thermometer is in the shade !!!

We've had a long streak of hot temperatures
and no rain for several weeks.

It's taking it's toll...
I guess I should be happy that I don't have to mow, but I'm not..It's just ugly.

I spend way more time on
 the other end of this hose
 than I ever do behind or on a lawn mower.
(And it looks nice when I'm done)

These were watered this morning.

Unfortunately, most people
don't think about watering their poor trees.

Then we have frizz and undesirable waves
from the humidity.
(Not much brown left)
Bring on the snow...I guess it would be OK
to have a little fall first.


Beverly said...

We finally had rain!!! And I get a much needed break from watering! YAY!! Let's not rush the snow, ok??

Anonymous said...

you may not have much brown left, but the lawn does! So sad!! Ann