Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ruffled Feathers (the feathers)

At first glance, I thought
this was a baby.
When he smoothed his feathers
it was obviously an adult.

This little guy was waiting for me
while I was trying to get a
" feeding time at the birdhouse"  picture.
He was trying to use the bird bath
and I was blocking his path..

(My new computer screen background)

Then there's Sir Max....(the fur)

How would you like your cat???
Well done ? Medium ? or rare?
Max often lies on the top of the stove
 in the morning sun..
It's a good thing I don't cook.

And the etc.....

From this

To this

This is the only little frog 
that has developed from the tadpoles.
There is a big older guy that only comes out
at dusk and I have been unable
to photograph him.
He's probably the one with the loud mouth.
Here's another little one.
Now there are two from the tadpoles.

Frogs are territorial.
I learned this several years ago
I introduced several new frogs to my pond.
They mysteriously died.
My pond guru told me that if I already had
frogs in my pond, they may have killed them.
The more I see of nature.......


Beverly said...

Great, great post!! I love the pictures!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

fried cat anyone??

Love the bird pix....Ann