Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I was going through some old things
looking for old pictures
came across these
newspaper articles from
the sixties and seventies.

This was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer
probably in 1961
when I was a Senior in nursing school.
It was advertising their annual Fall Fair.

This was in 1962 when Chestnut Hill Hospital
received a substantial donation from
a local business.
( I was on a roll)

This is from The Patriot News in 1972
when Polyclinic opened their new cardiac unit.
They opened a newer one after that
and have since closed the hospital.

I taught Senior Lifesaving for 4-5  years
at the Harrisburg JCC in the 70's.
Each year, they published our "class picture"
 in their" Community Review. "


Beverly said...

Hey who's your boyfriend in the last row??? Ha! Great stroll down memory lane!!

Anonymous said...

wow! am I glad the paparazzi wasn't around then!!

Anonymous said...

bring back those nursing caps!!