Friday, July 22, 2011


I have a new collar..
It's called a  "Kool collar"

Mom is very tired of my lying
 down under every tree
 when she takes me for a walk
 on these hot afternoons.
( She's left standing in the sun
on the sidewalk.)

She just fills it with ice cubes
 and keeps it in the freezer...
The melting ice cubes make me very comfortable.
Today she left it off thinking it wasn't hot,
but it was!!!!

It comes with inserts like jelpacks
that I can wear in the house
and it won't drip.
I could use one now but the collar
is frozen in the freezer
loaded with ice cubes.
I just heard her on the phone
ordering another one...
Thanks Mom !!!
P.S. Maybe she should
order herself one..TeeHee  :)


Anonymous said...

Just read your Blog ,what a good idea I'm sure Mollie enjoyes going out with her Cool Collar. Love all your Blogs.

Stay Cool.

Beverly said...

Oh my, I could use one of those myself!!! HAH! What a good dog mommie you are!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I bet you can't imagine me playing golf today with Jazz's kool collar on! I have no pride. It worked for a bit.
Jazz was inside so she didn't miss the collar at all. Ann