Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I was born here in
 The Lying Inn of the Pennsylvania Hospital.

These pictures were taken at
my maternal grandparents home.

Here I am on my mothers horse  "Gladstone"
with my grandmother at the bridle.

There are those who say
I look like my mother.

Tubby Time

One of my grandmothers said I was
always scowling.

My first concert...

Ann and I were usually dressed
in matching pinafores.

Merry Christmas

I think my grandmother
 gave me a hockey stick for my birthday.

         We always got dressed up for Christmas eve.
Unfortunately,very few of these pictures
are labeled , so who knows what year this is??
I suspect this is the early 70's.
All of my teen years are on slides
that are long gone.

Oops...looks like I posted this before..
I can't imagine how this happened..
Sorry..It was very unintentional..
Enjoy !!!


Anonymous said...

Nice to look back at old pictures, cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

fun pictures, interesting to see the changes

Beverly said...

Oh my haven't really changed at all...your whole life!!

Beverly said...

See, you never have to worry about running out of can always post the same one twice, three times....etc!