Friday, July 29, 2011


But how am I to drink it ??

Max has been with me for ten years.
This is the only way he would drink
for a very long time...

When we went away, someone had to come
to run the water for Max..

We had another cat at the time
who drank out of a dish.
Dear, sweet Abby.

We tried everything....
and still...

I had been putting off buying a fountain
 because of the cost,
 but I was told that I could return it
if he didn't use it....

              Fortunately, he uses it but he drinks
out of the top.
(He didn't read the directions)


Beverly said...

Siily's always something! I think animals do these sorts of things just to torture us!!

Anonymous said...

the Sunday Parade magazine says that Maine Coons are the smartest cat. Ann

Lynne said...

Thanks for the giggle Max . . . silly boy!