Friday, August 5, 2011


Some of the memories of my childhood
seem like
they just happened yesterday.

When we were growing up,
we rarely ate dinner with our parents.
Ann and I were fed early, around five.
They ate late...eight or so.
Sundays we all ate together mid day....
Usually a big meal with all the trimmings.
Attendance was mandatory.

On holidays and special occasions,
my father always had on a red smoking jacket  with a bow tie or his rooster tie for more
casual fare.

I vividly remember his drinking iced coffee.
When he added the cream,
we would gather around to see
what images we could see as the cream
mixed in to the coffee..


Today, I usually drink two cups of coffee
each morning.
When I don't have time for the second cup,
I have iced coffee later in the day...
Still watching the cream designs.


Beverly said...

Funny, the things we remember. Maybe I need to buy Jack a smoking jacket!! HAH! How did they get the name "smoking jacket"???

Anonymous said...

Bev...smoking jacket was what the "gentlemen" changed into after dinner to smoke their cigars away from the women in the 19th century.
They didn't want their suits to smell.

Missy,I think it's fun that you have pictures of both bow and rooster ties! Ann