Friday, August 26, 2011


                My neighbor is a wonderful cook and 
                   to her, it's a hobby, an escape...

Debbie called me to come over
to see if this cake was "OK".
"OK??..It's beautiful."
It has a beach theme..
Sea horses... shells....coral..
The icing is marshmallow fondant.

Her daughter is getting married
next year and she is going to make
the wedding cake.
I think we'll have lots of cake
between now and then.
She's very critical of things she does.
I guess that's what makes them exceptional.

Today she was practicing
making bridesmaids bouquets.
She's definitely not happy with this.
Could be the dead flowers..still pretty though.
What's next Deb???


Beverly said...

I volunteer to be the taste tester!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was a really nice read. I feel honored to have been included!! Thanks..Deb