Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Three years ago with a little pushing
from my neighbors,
I set out in search of a  buddy.
My neighbors , Debbie and Ken, drove me
to check out some puppies.
We picked this one out of at least twenty others
were told that we would have to come back
in two weeks
 so she could get her last shots. 

Meet "Snickers".
Debbie and I went to pick up "Snickers"
and came home with.....

How could I resist a face like that
"Snickers" would need a buddy.
(The look on Kens face
when we got home was priceless.
He was so afraid that Debbie had gotten
 one as well . He doesn't like dogs.) Mollie...
Mollie, ( I found out later),
was the runt of the litter and did she ever
have an attitude.
They are both very smart
 but Mollie was spiteful and very yappy.
After two weeks ,
 I was ready to shoot myself  so
I gave her to a good home and  was left with this.

I renamed "Snickers".
Her name is now Mollie because all she heard
for two weeks was...
"no Mollie"..."Bad Mollie", etc.
She knew "Mollie" much better than "Snickers".
P.S. Ken loves Mollie..she can do no wrong.


Beverly said...

OMG I forgot how absolutely adorable they were when they were little. Now Mollie Lollie is still cute....but oh, that puppy face!!!!

missy max said... you see why I came home with two...I could have brought them all home...

Anonymous said...

That is too cute. I had to show Ken right away and of course he loved it.