Friday, August 19, 2011


I looked out at my pond this morning
and what did I see?

A Water Hyacinth !!!

I've had a pond for 9-10 years
and never had one bloom.
They multiply like rabbits and are great
 early shade providers but look like this
without flowers all summer. 

When you buy them at the local nursery,
they sometimes have flowers on them
but they quickly die and never reappear.

The water lilies also provide shade but they
take some time to rise to the surface in the spring.

No matter what the flower,
it only lasts a few days
so they must be enjoyed while they are beautiful.
(Like life)
While I was taking these pictures
a cute, little furry vole ran across my foot.
Ain't nature grand ???


Beverly said...

Oh, how beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet it is one of those "special" all weather ones we bought several years ago :-)) Ann