Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm happy to say that  I've been able to share
the last 30 years of my life
with at least one pet.

Sammy and Penny
where full bred Yellow Labs that we got as puppies.
Penny, unfortunately, had a myriad of problems.
1.False pregnancy (both had)
2. Hip Dysplasia
3. She was bitten by something and was rushed
to the vets with an allergic reaction.
(Huge Hives)
4. She was run over by my husbands car
because she was lying under it in the garage.
Fortunately she was very young and her bones
were still soft..other than a little shock,
she was fine.
5. She developed something similar to
Guillain-Barre syndrome.
(She had an ascending paralysis which left
her unable to even lift her head)
All that in a few short years.

Sammy was left alone
 to enjoy a long and happy life..
She was my constant companion.
I still miss her.
She was with us until she was 15.

We thought Sammy needed a buddy
so along came Erin.
( looks like two more pets snuck in there)

Erin was always in the middle of everything,very much a people cat and so much a part of the family.
She was a wonderful cat but Sammy
wanted nothing to do with her
and would get up and move if Erin
would lay down next to her.
Erin lived to be 16 and is buried in my yard.

After we lost Sammy, we got "Abby cat."
Erin quickly let us know that she didn't
need company either.
Abby lived to be 16 and is also burried in my yard.
I got her at the SPCA.
She was the last of a basket of kittens
and  was all alone looking up at me
from beneath strips of newspaper.
When we lost Erin...(also burried in my yard),
you guessed it,
We thought Abby should have a buddy
so back to the SPCA..
Meet Max..

Still with me today...
He's very dog like..runs to the door
to greet me when I come home....
Guess I'll never learn..
Here's Mollie !!

Sorry Max..
I still feel guilty for having done this to you.
Mollie doesn't give Max a minutes peace
he does give it back on occasion.
Mollie is very cat like (thanks to Max).
They have all been a blessing to me
and I've loved each and every one.


Beverly said...

Animals bring such sweetness to our lives...loving us unconditionally. Can't imagine a world without them! Loved Sammy....I remember when you got Penny and Sammy, oh my!! Such a long time ago. You had cats before that, too, I remember....another lifetime.

Making hay this week....and Amanda has a friend staying here all week with us, so.....sorry I haven't called. Also working on getting building will talk soon,ok?

Love ya!

Jody in Georgia said...

Just went back and saw this, love, love it! As a true animal person (now have 5 cats and 1 dog), I can certainly identify the unconditional love our furkids give us!