Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My first car was a 1963 Volkswagon Beetle.
I remember that my father in law
cosigned for it.

Next was a 1969 Karman Ghia

Followed by a 1975? Karman Ghia.
I wouldn't be able to climb out of it today.

Then came the Subaru era.
This was taken in 1982.

In 1987 I had this "Subbie".
It was fully loaded with all the extras ,
some that American cars did not yet have.
( Heated side view mirrors )

Do boats count???

There's a white Cutlass Ciera in here somewhere.
(No picture)

This was a hand me down ..1994..
My first car with leather seats.
Why did I wait so long?

Fred found this used Cadillac Seville for me
when he was buying a new one for himself.
(Feeling a little guilty maybe?)

After that I had a used white Sedan Deville
with a red rag top.
We traded Freds Cadillac in on a Lexus 330
 also white.
He kept mine (less mileage, same year).
I got mad at Lexus because
 the tires only lasted 24,000 miles...
I drove across the street to Volvo..

beginning the Volvo experience
which continues today..

and probably my last.

All of my cars have had my initials on the door,
(even the Beetle),
and most had some form of wire wheels....
(or wire looking.)

Wasn't that an exciting journey??
Happy to say that I could remember them all.

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