Monday, September 19, 2011


I really love fall and Mums..
every year I plant four or five plants
If I'm lucky, one will come up the next year.
This is the lone survivor from last year.

A favorite color...

Several weeks ago,
I pulled out my annual plants in my pots.
They were looking very scraggly and seedy.
 I didn't get all of the potato vine and with no extra water and no care it regrew.

I felt compelled to add some color to them to show my appreciation for their having hung in there 
 even though I gave up on them. 
I know that they will be short lived.

My neighbor has mums growing
on both sides of his driveway and they are huge.
Every year he divides them, throws them away and the next year they are just as big and beautiful.
They're not quite in bloom so no pictures.

Unlike Mums,
 these Asters have gone crazy.
Every year I pull out clumps by the handsfull
to keep them from invading nearby shrubs.
This plant started as a four inch pot three years ago.
They are late bloomers but very showy.

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Beverly said...

Mums never come back for me. And asters.....well, they are just my favorite fall flower ever!!!!!