Monday, September 12, 2011


This past week we have had
an extraordinary amount of rain.
We are up to seven and a half inches
with another day to go.
One would think that a dog would prefer
to stay close to home or
not even go out at all.

The wetter the better.
We were out for over an hour this morning.
When it got to the point where I
thought my legs couldn't go any further,
I brought her back to the driveway
and she led me out to the backyard....
and not because she had to do anything!!

This was also a "no poop day"
so it was all for naught.

All this wet and dampness has provided
us with plenty of fungi.

Once inside it's playtime...
(I wish I had her energy)

I love the way her hair parts in the middle
when she's wet..
She's a little shaggy right now too..

I guess I could have a dog that refuses
to go out in bad weather.
That would be awful.
She really drags her feet
 when it's over 80...
but then, so do I.
 I guess we were made for each other.

I guess the grand total is 12 inches of rain.
We were very lucky in that it was spread out
over four days and there were some breaks
in between the downpours.

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Beverly said...

Sunshine today!! YAY!! Cute Mollie!!!