Wednesday, September 28, 2011


One morning last week
while on my morning walk with Mollie,
I couldn't help but notice the spider webs.
I wished I had brought my camera with me. 

This morning was another such morning and again,
no camera.
The humidity and light have to be just right
to see these well.
I'm sure they're always there but not as visible.
Not wanting to miss this oportunity again, we did our walk twice, stopping at home for the camera.

Is he finished or maybe just waiting
for his breakfast?

This one looks like a suspension bridge
over the jungle.

Little towns ???
These have dimension with flooring and ceilings.

This has no depth but it is spread out enough
to catch the most elusive of critters.

A Hammock ???
They certainly must need to rest
after all this construction.

These look as if they belong in an olympic village.

Some are very hard to photograph
 unless they have a dark background
 but they where amazing in their size.

We're not through September yet
and Halloween decorations have started to appear.
I think Halloween  trumps Christmas
as far as early decorating.
I guess everyone is tired of summer.
Mollie spent a long time exploring these
on our first visit but ignored them this time.

Happy Fall !!!

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Anonymous said...

a frozen hummingbird sat on thefeeder this pm for an hour. I was afraid that she was glued to the spot! Ann
I like the rain.... first fire today!!