Monday, October 31, 2011


This past weekend, we were "treated"
to an early snow fall. It brought with it a lot
of damage and other problems.


Many trees were damaged beyond repair.
The snow was very wet and heavy on these
trees that have not yet lost their leaves.

Fortunately , mine are small enough that I
could shake them off every 3-4 hours.
The temperatures were above freezing so the limbs
were somewhat flexible.
It froze overnight making this mornings walk
with Mollie very treacherous. (for me)

This is what the streets looked like this AM.

The township had their fun.

They plowed after 10PM
leaving these piles at the end of driveways
that are now frozen boulders.
Besides making it impossible to drive
 out of your driveway,
it's very difficult to walk from the sidewalk
to the street.

Those of us who had shoveled our sidewalks
woke up to this. (also frozen)
Thank you snow plows...
Walking anywhere
 was a huge challenge this AM..but we did it!!!

There is always a pretty side to snowfall
but there wasn't much time to enjoy this one.

My poor geraniums...
They were very pretty and heavily budded.
I guess the frost would have gotten them soon.
Is this our "Indian winter"?


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you. Love you Blog, this snow sure did a lot of damage, your poor flowers. I look at your blog the days that you write it, Mon. Wed. Fri. and Sunday, you must have a really good camera, looks like a lot of work for you, but love it, keep up the good work.


Beverly said...

October and I am already tired of winter. I think it just might be a long one!!!
Great pictures!!!