Wednesday, October 5, 2011


    With all the rain and humidity
that we have had lately,
the molds and fungi are rampant.


This area is frequently mowed
so many of them don't develop.

This looks like a miniature village
for elves and gnomes.
(I haven't been able to capture any
with my camera...)

This must be their sports complex..
I think the gnomes are playing the trolls today.

The last blush of summer..

These are my neighbors huge chrysanthemums
just starting to bloom.
It's hard to believe that he divides them every year.
Maybe I'll take some next time.
Mine never come back.

I guess it's time to start emptying the rain barrels.
There is certainly no shortage of water.
With fall comes fall chores to be done little by little.

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Anonymous said...

i love the fungi! Yum! Ann