Monday, October 3, 2011

SOLD !!!!

Those of you who know me
know that I have been stamping
greeting cards for many years now.

In recent years,
most of the cards that I have made,
have been made at someones house
at a "Stamp Camp"
where they have all the new gadgets
and embellishments that they would like you to buy.

Since these stamps go unused most of the time,
I decided to sell them.
They were picked up today by a lady from New Jersey on her way to a wedding
in Pittsburg.
I kept a few favorites
 and still have all of my supplies and tools so
I can still do some cards if I wish.
I will probably continue to go to the "reps"
"Stamp Camps".
I have more cards than I'll ever use
and can still enjoy making them.


Beverly said...

Wow!, and now you will have extra cabinet space!!

Beverly said...

And, by the way, your cards are always so lovely!!