Friday, October 28, 2011


Our walk this morning seemed very different
from those of recent months.
It was a very grey day but beautiful in it's gloom.

It was obvious that it wasn't going to be
a bright, sunny day.

And yet, it seemed calm and serene...
A little moody if you will.

There is an old farmhouse in the center of our development...
The land of the development used to be farm land,
a common occurrence in this area.
This old Oak ? tree is on its property and I just love it.
I think it needs a full moon, a raven
the silhouette of a witch riding her broom
across the moon.

They just cut down two similar trees that
had been dead for some time.
This one is dead as well but I hope it stays
standing for a long time.
I'm sure it's hollow in lots of places because there
are many resident holes in its limbs.

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