Friday, November 18, 2011


I felt in need of a farm fix
even though it was really a gloomy day.

When I arrived,
I was met by Moonbeam, Scarlet and Donny Brasco.
They were all wet and muddy and didn't seem to care.

Even Minnerva was droopy but still maintaining
her vigil over the garden
 which has been put to bed for the winter.

Of course we had to visit
 the latest additions to the farm....
Leo, Ginger and Mary Ann.
The piggies love to have their bellies rubbed.

The riding arena looks wonderful..
complete with the latest in country bathroom facilities.
Won't that be a great place to ride???


Playful Sophia and Leo..
(Sophia won't be so playful tomorrow because
she's getting spayed).
I can sympathize... 

Chickens trying to stay dry...

I'm sure this one has a name ..
I just can't keep up.

The hens seem to be laying eggs all over the place..
This one is on a work bench next to a sleeping kitty....
It's amazing to me that all of these animals
get along with each other..
We need to take a lesson from them...
Thanks Bee Haven Acres for a fun ,
although dreary, day.


Anonymous said...

will Bev have events in the riding arena? Cute pix of the piggies and therest of the family. Ann

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