Monday, November 7, 2011


This is the time of year when
the pond gets closed up for the winter.

I cover it with a net to keep leaves out.
A deicer is left in it to keep a hole in the ice.
This permits the methane gases  that are formed by rotting leaves and will kill
any life forms overwintering in the pond ,
to escape.

At this time I have no fish, just bullfrogs.
Yesterday there was a bullfrog on top of the
net swimming around trying to find the water.
I helped him find the open side and in he went.
Oops, no camera..
I was too dirty to go in and get it...

I guess I got that done just in time.

The filter gets cleaned as well as pumps
and UV light.

All dried and put away until spring.

As I was on a roll, I kept going...
mostly due to the weather forcast,
(more on that to come)
The porch furniture is away for the winter..
I mowed...

Max is the smart one..
I'm so stiff, I can hardly get out of this chair..
(second day in a row).
Tomorrow is another day..

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Beverly said...

You need to spread the chores out over a few days...instead of doing it all in one day!! Silly girl! Take your nsaids and rest a bit!!