Friday, December 23, 2011


I have been going through my "stuff"
and getting rid of things.
My Christmas decorations took a big hit.
These are some old favorites
that I couldn't part with for one reason
or another.

This snowman was left by a friend and neighbor
when they moved.
I probably should give him a new ribbon.
This is his first year indoors.

This little Santa has a "bean bag" butt
making him easy to sit precariously.

My husband gave me this Boyds bear.

No story here..
I bought him because he winked at me.

He sits on my stove most of the winter...

I once had a neighbor who worked with miniatures.
He did these trees for Christmas one year.
Most of the elements are hand made by him.

Of course..
Mollie has her favorite things as well....

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Anonymous said...

i forgot toput out the miniature tree this year!! Yikes. Ann