Friday, December 9, 2011


At 4:55 every afternoon the skies become full
of migrating geese for about ten minutes.

You could probably set your watch by this.

Announcing their arrival,
the sound of honking geese can be heard
for quite some time before they come in to view.

They land in a field adjacent to our development.

Coming from all directions,
my guess is that
 this must be a designated resting place
on their journeys map.
I hope they stay away from the golf courses!!


                        Seasonal Migration

Typically the Canada goose engages in two seasonal migrations, each autumn and spring. According to the Ducks Unlimited website, the migration of the Canada goose is typically associated with a need for food. Grass has become a goose's primary food source and as the grasslands of the north freeze, geese travel south to more temperate climates. In the spring, geese travel along the same routes to return home to their starting point. Some Canada geese, known as resident geese, only migrate short distances unless severe weather forces them to leave, according to the Humane Society. Many geese find rest points along their migration route and may spend several days or weeks in a particular area before traveling further south, according the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Beverly said...

What an informative post!!! Just wish the geese wouldn't leave their calling cards behind. Other than that I think they are lovely!!

I can remember when I was crazy about them...even had wooden ones in my yard!!

Have a good weekend....

Anonymous said...

John Cromwell I love to see geese. Some years ago Judy and I saw thousands circling and landing in and around a pretty lake near Santa Fe, NM.

missy max said...

Ann Chance... geese are not welcome on our golf greens!...poopy mess. This year they bought a Australian Shepherd to chase them away...yea!