Friday, April 29, 2011



We just had four inches more!!
(in four hours)

The ground can't hold any more water.

The road is flooded this time
and of course
people just had to drive through it.

If this keeps up, I'm going to get a boat.
What a difference six hours make.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just couldn't wait any longer
to get and plant my annuals.
I'm very late this year
because of  all the rain.

First the 2 pots for the back patio.
I'm very happy
 with how they turned out. 

My ever present assistant.

Six true red geraniums
for the front yard.
( The ground is still very wet )

Last but not least....
a red , non stop begonia
for the front porch.
I don't have to plant anything else
but, knowing me,
there's probably another pot
in my future.
My back will have to recover from today

Monday, April 25, 2011


I was watching TV last night
and I was surrounded
by such frenzied activity.

I'm not sure that I
can handle all of this excitement.
They forgot to invite me
to their slumber party.
I guess I missed the pillow fight!!


Spring has come (finally) to the pond.

The ducks visit daily, sometimes more often.
I have no idea if there is a nest.
She hasn't looked like
she's " with egg ".


they have both been here at least six hours.

They're still here...
Guess I should be looking for a nest soon.

Friday, April 22, 2011



Over the years , I have been fortunate 
to have been given "wabbits"
or maybe they're better known as
"Easter bunnies. "

These from Ann and Fred.

These are from Beverly.
They're all special to me as evidenced by the fact
that I still have them.
I have gotten rid of a lot of that kind of thing.

I wish I could share these beautiful cupcakes
with all of you
but they're not mine to share.

Another wonderful " Beverly creation".
Don't they  look yummy?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GAS $$$$

With gas prices as they are,
I am fortunate in that I only go to two places
that are any distance from my home.

(just in case the video doesn't work)

To West Virginia

( my sisters house )


To Millerstown

Bee Haven Acres
( the farm)

My other excursions are usually
within five miles of my house.

I forgot about these:


Monday, April 18, 2011


Yesterday (Friday)
It was a bright, sunny day
I happily spent it at Bee Haven Acres

the new baby goats

Bev, Jenn and Tyler.

The morning was playtime.
Jack showed up during the afternoon.
 Dr. Becky gave the goats their vaccines
and worming medication
and Bev trimmed their hooves.
I, unfortunately, left my camera in my car
to keep it out of harms way.
Herding up the goats is no easy task.
Jack slipped twice in the mud
trying to catch them.
The rest of us were standing around waving our arms.
I missed some very good photo ops.

Today is gloomy and raw with lots of steady rain
and occasional thunder.

You can actually see the rain  coming down
in the black area under the bridge..

When I finished the above,
 I though the rain was about over.
It got so much worse..scarey at one point.

This is my new river running just behind
 and in to my pond.

Still my back yard

Compare this to the first picture above.
( and I thought that was high )

Compare the space under the bridge
to the second picture above.

We could actually go white water rafting.
Well, almost.
We'd have to be quick
 because this won't last, I hope.
My sump pump is pumping it out as fast
as it comes in..

There is never this much water
in these streams.
Most people don't even know that
the pond in the back of the first picture
This is what four inches of rain does
to already saturated ground.
Now it has all run together
in to one big pond.

It's a good day to do the wash
and iron and then....

Hmmm..warm and cozy.
I haven't had the fire on more than
twice this winter.
Good to have it today to take the edge off.

Friday, April 15, 2011


This morning was the first in a long time
that it wasn't wet.
The sun was making a feeble attempt
to show it's face.
There were many critters around foraging
for goodies.




Mr and Mrs Cardinal

Soon Mr Cardinal will start
pecking at my basement window.

( The bear ran away before I could
get his picture......)

It's  always fun to look out the window.

Mollie is almost always on the lookout
 for her buddies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Six days a week one hears
 the sound
of the mail truck
 entering the neighborhood..

Being at the end of our neighborhood route,
 it gives everyone a clue as to the time
he might reach our street
where there are two boxes.

The residents on our street
are mostly retired .
The arrival of the mailman
seems to be a highlight of the mens' day.
( I call them "Jims'  groupies" )
There can be anywhere from 3-5 guys
 waiting at the mailbox for Jim.
( of course they were all absent today )

Here he is at the mailbox before ours
purposely delaying his arrival..
(the post office has no dress code)
He always brings with him a joke
or a funny story.
We all know that the mail really isn't
worth all this attention.
(We have offered to sit a trash can
next to the mailbox
 to save him the trouble
of putting it in to each individual slot.)

One day last week when he roared up,
he was on the phone with his wife.
He handed me the phone  saying
"Here, talk".
I talked to his wife
while he was putting our mail in the slots.
( I don't know her)

There are many fun stories I could relate
to you about Jim..
The mail may not be so great
but many times
Jim could really be called..

"The highlight of our day."


Monday, April 11, 2011


Where is spring ??
We've had days and days of raw, wet, gloomy weather.
"April showers bring May flowers"
enough already !!!

I thought I'd try to find some signs
that spring may be
just around the corner...

There are lots of buds
bursting with promising colors.
Fruit trees, forsythia and azaleas...
signs of things to come.

Periwinkle and daffodils
already in full bloom...

I suspect , as in years past ,
that we will have no spring.
I  hope I'm wrong..I, for one, am not ready
for the heat of summer.

Friday, April 8, 2011


                     The American Goldfinch                                      

Winter color....
winter birds are drab, unstreaked brown
and blackish wings
and two pale wing bars.

Early spring

Starting to turn yellow...
black much more prominent.
After that, they become mottled.


     Adult  males in spring and early summer
bright yellow with a black forehead.
black wings with white markings,
and white patches above and beneath the tail.
Adult females are a duller yellow below,
olive above.

Ta Da...all done !!

What kind of bird might this be ???
Mollie loves this little guy.