Wednesday, June 29, 2011


" Chirp, chirp, tweet, tweet,peep, peep..."
There sure is a lot of that
 going on around here these days.

"Feed me , feed me...."


There are babies in all but one
of my bird houses,
making working in the yard noisy
Parents are not happy
 to have you near their nests
especially when you are accompanied by
a dog. 

Song sparrows are very noisey but
it's a pretty noise.

I've had this one for several years. 
It could use a makeover.
I think it's only ever been inhabited once. 

These robbins won't go near their nests
until I leave..
They spend hours a day
and a ton of energy feeding their babies.
I hope they take the time to eat as well.
This mom wouldn't feed her brood
until I left.
She kept peeking at me through
the branches.
So cute.

Monday, June 27, 2011


This morning I got up and , as usual,
I went to check the nest.

She was there ....
For the past few mornings,
she hasn't been there first thing
 but arrives shortly after eight.
I walked Mollie and checked again.
She was eating egg shells !!!
(I had never seen her do this before.)
It wasn't until several hours later
that it was evident that the eggs were 
 I could still see some whole eggs that
hadn't hatched and some motion
underneath her puffed up wings.

She spent the day all puffed up
sitting on her sleeping ducklings.
She still has egg shell on her bill.
(egg on her face)

I spent the day waiting for them
to go for a swim and leave.
It is six PM and they are still here.

This morning (Friday)
Mollie woke me up at 5 AM barking
her "there's a cat out there" bark.
I jumped out of bed fearing the worst.
There was a cat and her two kittens
too close to the nest for my comfort.
I chased them away.
The ducklings had spent the night
 but shortly after that,
Mom led them down to the wetlands.

I couldn't tell how many ducklings
there were until I saw these pictures.
I think there are nine.

Keep them safe Mom.
It won't be easy now. I fear for them.

It's been quite a while since I've seen a sunrise.

This is all that's left of the nest.
Thanks Mollie, for getting me up this AM.

Sharing with Stewart

This post is very old.
It's from my beginning days of blogging and photography.
I don't think that camera was digital.
I think six of that clutch survived.

Friday, June 24, 2011


  Several Saturdays ago
it seemed like the perfect day
for a donkey visit.


                                           So I went to visit my gals
                       Copper and Shorty.

Shorty might be pregnant!!!
Copper might be for sale.........
Karen had a friend and her daughter
visiting as well so I just
helped  here and there and let them
do the riding.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


" Hey Jazz...Let's go for a walk."

" But it's raining. Can't we wait until
it stops?"

" Don't make me go Mom."
Can't I just stay here and chew on my bone?

"She's never going to give up.
I guess I'll give in and go with her."

OK...We're ready.
Here we go !!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Since there is absolutely
going on these days that is blog worthy,
I thought I would take a little trip
to days long gone.

This would be me in
 the arms of my paternal grandmother at
Mayfair, their home in Radnor.
Obviously "the fascinator" is nothing new.

Me again at six months ( I think younger
but that's what it says on the back of the picture)
 my Mothers horse , Gladstone.
I was hooked.


22 months later "Annie"
came along.
It would be very lonely now without her.
We're the only ones left.
It seems that as one gets older
ones world gets smaller.


This is my paternal grandparents  house
in Haverford.
I guess they were moving  from Mayfair.
That is an old Ryan and Christie moving van,
the only local moving company
back then.
They only lived a block away from us.
Most of those three blocks were relatives.

My grandmother was always taking pictures.
Their hedge and garden always in the background.

This is one of very few pictures
of  Ann smiling.

Too cute !!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I could use a little break !!

" I'm working ..I'm digging as fast as I can..
All I have to work with
is a little beak,
and no help, I might add."

" Nope, nothing yet. "

I watched this for several minutes .
They got my attention because all I could see
were tail feathers sticking out of a hole.
(couldn't quite get that picture..I didn't want
to spook them any more than I did)
I , regularly, have to fill in this hole.
I'm not sure what the attraction is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


" Chippy " is one of Mollies
favorite forms of entertainment.

He wasn't smelling the flowers,
he was eating the buds.

Mother robbin dive bombed him
probably thinking
that he was too close to her nest
and her babies.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I saw this robbin in my garden
about three weeks  ago.
It has taken me that long to get a picture
of her.
I must apologize for the poor quality.
it was almost dark.
She spends a lot of time sitting
on my bench
with her back to me.
Finally she faced me.

Did you ever see a robbin with cleavage ?

She was so fat
 that her red feathers were spread apart,
 exposing her "underpinnings", 
 making it look as if she had cleavage.

She has since hatched her eggs
continues to sit on the back of my bench
with her back to me.
Now she has treats in her beak
for her new babies
no more cleavage!

PS..Sad to report that the crows
robbed the nest this AM...
an all too frequent occurrence here.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Several weeks ago
my waterfall developed a leak.
I found where it was leaking but
was unable to locate the source.


I removed the waterfall pump

tried to locate some of my old
watergardening buddies
who seem to have "moved on".
I was left with a big pile of dry rocks
and a big job.
I decided to remove the waterfall.

Not an easy job..lots of rocks
to find a home for.
When I was moving the rocks
from the waterfall,
two bullfrogs jumped out from under
one of them...Yay!!!

 This is how it ended up..

There's not as much algae
without the water fall
there's less water evaporation.

For three days, she kept an eye on my
very laborious job, never straying
from her nest.
She leaves  every day at "cocktail hour"
for about two hours,
always returning with the drake.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


" It's my couch. "
" No it's my couch. "

" I was here first "

( Max was there first, poor guy.)

This seems to be their most amicable
sharing place.

Guess who was here first !!!
I was there second...sitting in my chair..
and then
Mollie became my fur collar.

Is this sharing or is Mollie
just a butinski ?