Friday, September 30, 2011


After two inches yesterday,
we were "blessed" with two more today.
Rain, that is !!!
I could just repost Mondays post..exactly the same thing.
That was from last Friday when we had 2 1/2 inches.
Grand total...6 1/2 inches !!!
This time I thought I'd get the lawn mowed
and, almost done,
down it came..I finished anyway..
I've been soaked twice today..
This is a very common sight on a summers afternoon
after a thunderstorm.

If you've ever watched a rainbow,
you know that it changes in seconds.
It's hard to get a picture
when the colors are crisp and well defined.

This was pretty close....
My neighbor was finishing his mowing in the rain
as well...
I told him they were going to lock us up
and throw away the key..
(Even Mollie is getting tired of being wet.)

Day 2

We were lucky today to have the rainbow
without the rain.
( It went by us)

This one was here for at least 30 minutes.
I've heard this referred to as a double rainbow.
It had two sets of colors that don't show
too well in pictures..
I guess I should be out looking
for that pot of gold.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


One morning last week
while on my morning walk with Mollie,
I couldn't help but notice the spider webs.
I wished I had brought my camera with me. 

This morning was another such morning and again,
no camera.
The humidity and light have to be just right
to see these well.
I'm sure they're always there but not as visible.
Not wanting to miss this oportunity again, we did our walk twice, stopping at home for the camera.

Is he finished or maybe just waiting
for his breakfast?

This one looks like a suspension bridge
over the jungle.

Little towns ???
These have dimension with flooring and ceilings.

This has no depth but it is spread out enough
to catch the most elusive of critters.

A Hammock ???
They certainly must need to rest
after all this construction.

These look as if they belong in an olympic village.

Some are very hard to photograph
 unless they have a dark background
 but they where amazing in their size.

We're not through September yet
and Halloween decorations have started to appear.
I think Halloween  trumps Christmas
as far as early decorating.
I guess everyone is tired of summer.
Mollie spent a long time exploring these
on our first visit but ignored them this time.

Happy Fall !!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


It's evident that the ground is saturated..
It only took 1 1/2 inches to get this....

The last time it looked like this
we had
had four inches in four hours.
The total now is 2.5...(so far)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Yesterday was my semiannual
Dermatology appointment.
They always find something to freeze
it's usually on my face.
I didn't think too much about it until
I looked in the mirror this morning.

She hit above my lip especially hard
because my keratosis
keeps coming back...Do I care???

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm happy to say that  I've been able to share
the last 30 years of my life
with at least one pet.

Sammy and Penny
where full bred Yellow Labs that we got as puppies.
Penny, unfortunately, had a myriad of problems.
1.False pregnancy (both had)
2. Hip Dysplasia
3. She was bitten by something and was rushed
to the vets with an allergic reaction.
(Huge Hives)
4. She was run over by my husbands car
because she was lying under it in the garage.
Fortunately she was very young and her bones
were still soft..other than a little shock,
she was fine.
5. She developed something similar to
Guillain-Barre syndrome.
(She had an ascending paralysis which left
her unable to even lift her head)
All that in a few short years.

Sammy was left alone
 to enjoy a long and happy life..
She was my constant companion.
I still miss her.
She was with us until she was 15.

We thought Sammy needed a buddy
so along came Erin.
( looks like two more pets snuck in there)

Erin was always in the middle of everything,very much a people cat and so much a part of the family.
She was a wonderful cat but Sammy
wanted nothing to do with her
and would get up and move if Erin
would lay down next to her.
Erin lived to be 16 and is buried in my yard.

After we lost Sammy, we got "Abby cat."
Erin quickly let us know that she didn't
need company either.
Abby lived to be 16 and is also burried in my yard.
I got her at the SPCA.
She was the last of a basket of kittens
and  was all alone looking up at me
from beneath strips of newspaper.
When we lost Erin...(also burried in my yard),
you guessed it,
We thought Abby should have a buddy
so back to the SPCA..
Meet Max..

Still with me today...
He's very dog like..runs to the door
to greet me when I come home....
Guess I'll never learn..
Here's Mollie !!

Sorry Max..
I still feel guilty for having done this to you.
Mollie doesn't give Max a minutes peace
he does give it back on occasion.
Mollie is very cat like (thanks to Max).
They have all been a blessing to me
and I've loved each and every one.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I really love fall and Mums..
every year I plant four or five plants
If I'm lucky, one will come up the next year.
This is the lone survivor from last year.

A favorite color...

Several weeks ago,
I pulled out my annual plants in my pots.
They were looking very scraggly and seedy.
 I didn't get all of the potato vine and with no extra water and no care it regrew.

I felt compelled to add some color to them to show my appreciation for their having hung in there 
 even though I gave up on them. 
I know that they will be short lived.

My neighbor has mums growing
on both sides of his driveway and they are huge.
Every year he divides them, throws them away and the next year they are just as big and beautiful.
They're not quite in bloom so no pictures.

Unlike Mums,
 these Asters have gone crazy.
Every year I pull out clumps by the handsfull
to keep them from invading nearby shrubs.
This plant started as a four inch pot three years ago.
They are late bloomers but very showy.

Friday, September 16, 2011


The thistle in the wet lands
has gone through all its stages of blooming
going to seed while 
producing fluffy white balls that blow
all over the place and seed in the lawn.

Because of this,
 the feeders are getting a lot of attention.

 "Here comes Dad.
Maybe he'll feed us and we won't have
to pick it out of the feeders and bags."
(He did)

" that our bellies are full.
what are we going to do today?"
(I think...more of the same..)

Wait for me !!!!!
( Hard to catch a hummingbird peeing in flight. )

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My first car was a 1963 Volkswagon Beetle.
I remember that my father in law
cosigned for it.

Next was a 1969 Karman Ghia

Followed by a 1975? Karman Ghia.
I wouldn't be able to climb out of it today.

Then came the Subaru era.
This was taken in 1982.

In 1987 I had this "Subbie".
It was fully loaded with all the extras ,
some that American cars did not yet have.
( Heated side view mirrors )

Do boats count???

There's a white Cutlass Ciera in here somewhere.
(No picture)

This was a hand me down ..1994..
My first car with leather seats.
Why did I wait so long?

Fred found this used Cadillac Seville for me
when he was buying a new one for himself.
(Feeling a little guilty maybe?)

After that I had a used white Sedan Deville
with a red rag top.
We traded Freds Cadillac in on a Lexus 330
 also white.
He kept mine (less mileage, same year).
I got mad at Lexus because
 the tires only lasted 24,000 miles...
I drove across the street to Volvo..

beginning the Volvo experience
which continues today..

and probably my last.

All of my cars have had my initials on the door,
(even the Beetle),
and most had some form of wire wheels....
(or wire looking.)

Wasn't that an exciting journey??
Happy to say that I could remember them all.

Monday, September 12, 2011


This past week we have had
an extraordinary amount of rain.
We are up to seven and a half inches
with another day to go.
One would think that a dog would prefer
to stay close to home or
not even go out at all.

The wetter the better.
We were out for over an hour this morning.
When it got to the point where I
thought my legs couldn't go any further,
I brought her back to the driveway
and she led me out to the backyard....
and not because she had to do anything!!

This was also a "no poop day"
so it was all for naught.

All this wet and dampness has provided
us with plenty of fungi.

Once inside it's playtime...
(I wish I had her energy)

I love the way her hair parts in the middle
when she's wet..
She's a little shaggy right now too..

I guess I could have a dog that refuses
to go out in bad weather.
That would be awful.
She really drags her feet
 when it's over 80...
but then, so do I.
 I guess we were made for each other.

I guess the grand total is 12 inches of rain.
We were very lucky in that it was spread out
over four days and there were some breaks
in between the downpours.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Why do we celebrate Labor Day??

The first Labor Day was held in 1882. Its origins stem from the desire of the Central Labor Union to create a holiday for workers. It became a federal holiday in 1894. It was originally intended that the day would be filled with a street parade to allow the public to appreciate the work of the trade and labor organizations. After the parade, a festival was to be held to amuse local workers and their families. In later years, prominent men and women held speeches. This is less common now, but is sometimes seen in election years. One of the reasons for choosing to celebrate this on the first Monday in September was to add a holiday in the long gap between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.


I hope you all have a safe Holiday...
and take some time to relax.
My computer is taking the week off.
Hopefully , we'll be back on the 12th.

Friday, September 2, 2011


We go through many changes as we mature.
Thank goodness.

This is Jr and Sr High School.

These must be prom pictures.

        I remember this dress vividly.
It was a cream color and beaded with seed pearls.
I loved it !!!
The corner cabinet in the background
in my dining room today.

This was taken in the early 70's
at Christmas
 time in my parents living room.

Ann and I at the "farm",
the weekend of her first wedding.

Her maid of honor !!
That about does it
for the trips down memory lane pictures.