Monday, October 31, 2011


This past weekend, we were "treated"
to an early snow fall. It brought with it a lot
of damage and other problems.


Many trees were damaged beyond repair.
The snow was very wet and heavy on these
trees that have not yet lost their leaves.

Fortunately , mine are small enough that I
could shake them off every 3-4 hours.
The temperatures were above freezing so the limbs
were somewhat flexible.
It froze overnight making this mornings walk
with Mollie very treacherous. (for me)

This is what the streets looked like this AM.

The township had their fun.

They plowed after 10PM
leaving these piles at the end of driveways
that are now frozen boulders.
Besides making it impossible to drive
 out of your driveway,
it's very difficult to walk from the sidewalk
to the street.

Those of us who had shoveled our sidewalks
woke up to this. (also frozen)
Thank you snow plows...
Walking anywhere
 was a huge challenge this AM..but we did it!!!

There is always a pretty side to snowfall
but there wasn't much time to enjoy this one.

My poor geraniums...
They were very pretty and heavily budded.
I guess the frost would have gotten them soon.
Is this our "Indian winter"?

Friday, October 28, 2011


Our walk this morning seemed very different
from those of recent months.
It was a very grey day but beautiful in it's gloom.

It was obvious that it wasn't going to be
a bright, sunny day.

And yet, it seemed calm and serene...
A little moody if you will.

There is an old farmhouse in the center of our development...
The land of the development used to be farm land,
a common occurrence in this area.
This old Oak ? tree is on its property and I just love it.
I think it needs a full moon, a raven
the silhouette of a witch riding her broom
across the moon.

They just cut down two similar trees that
had been dead for some time.
This one is dead as well but I hope it stays
standing for a long time.
I'm sure it's hollow in lots of places because there
are many resident holes in its limbs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is a very unusual occurance in my house.

They're actually touching !!!
Of course, Max was there first, napping.
Mollie must have been attracted to
something outside.
Poor Max..he never has any peace.
Doesn't he look happy?
I'm sure Mollie was up to no good.

Now that she has disturbed Max fron his nap...

Get comfy Mollie !

Monday, October 24, 2011


Last week Mollie and I drove up to "the farm".
She loves the farm but feels that she has
 to chase anything that moves.
(That doesn't make her very welcome).
You have to understand that with all the variety
of animals there are at the farm,
nobody chases anybody.
(except in play)
Everybody loves everybody !!!

We started out going to the local bedding supplier
in Mifflintown.
Bev helped load up the truck.We even had some
bags in the back seat.

The goaties will be very happy with their
new bedding.
( I don't know who else uses it.)

On our way home we passed through an area
that had been visited by a tornado this summer.
The destruction was amazing and included
a barn full of chickens that were pulverized.

Back at the farm we went to the barn
to unload the bedding.

We were greeted by various animals.
This is Moonbeam who has recently
been under saddle and he and Bev had several adventures.

I think this is Brad.
Isn't he handsome??

Meet Leo, the newest addition to the farm.
He's a very sweet kitty who has adjusted to
farm living without missing a beat.

This is Tylers playhouse..
Won't you come in for tea?

The tool shed painted to match the playhouse.

We had a yummy lunch of Greek chili and Hummus,
( I never tried Hummus but it's not bad. Not great
but not bad).
Oh, and the best, cream puff !!
( It had seen better days. Had sort of a lemony flavor :).

We headed back to the garden to harvest
a few late summer veggies.

Various types of peppers.


More peppers, cauliflower and cabbage...

Sunflowers seeds for the birds..

Alas, we ran out of time.
Didn't visit the turkeys, chickens or goats.
Didn't visit the tent....
Didn't go for a ride in the woods for pictures....
So much to do, so little time..
Guess I'll just have to go back !!
Thanks Bev for a nice day...

Friday, October 21, 2011


    Does anyone know how
this got on the dining room table??

Mr. "Picture of innocence".

I was getting Mollie ready to walk
and I could hear Max flipping Mollies toy
around the dining room.

                       Ready for the game!!!

Shortly after our walk, we heard sirens screaming through the neighborhood...
I grabbed my camera and Mollie and headed out..

Two hook and ladder trucks, a rescue SUV , and a UGI truck....for a possible gas leak..
Our taxes at work.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Mollie and I walk
 pretty much the same path every day.

My neighbors mums continue to bloom 
while getting bigger and bigger.

Our trees are still pretty green.
These are a sign of things to come.

This is my winter berry...I love it..
the birds and the chipmunks usually
harvest the berries before the leaves fall off.
The bluebirds love the berries.
I haven't seen and chipmunks of late so maybe
we'll be able to have berries after the leaves
have gone...very pretty..I'll keep you posted.

Two  houses that have been for sale
 have sold in the last several weeks...good sign !!

Monday, October 17, 2011


This morning when Mollie and I set out for our walk it was a little drizzly.
Several hours later it seemed as though
it was trying to clear up.

Then the heavens opened up
 and let us have it.

This continued for about an hour.
By this time it was early afternoon.
No mowing today.

When supper time came,
 it looked a little more promising.
(for tomorrow)

By sunset, it was beautiful..clear and crisp.

This is our rain total over the last three days.
The last half inch was from the noon deluge today.

Night, night sun....

Hello, moon....

Friday, October 14, 2011


I was a bit concerned about this frog yesterday.
This was taken at 11 AM
after Mollie and I had walked past him twice.

He never moved all day
 even with the picture taking and traffic.

This was taken at 2:30 !!!
Still not moving..Is he alive???
( He looks a little emaciated to me )

Mollie has been watching as well....
she said that she didn't see him move either.

 I just couldn't take it any more...
I made him jump in to the pond.
Do you see the damp spot on the rock
next to the leaf ???