Friday, January 6, 2012



Last year started out cold but that did not
deter us from our appointed rounds.


The snowfall here was 31.1 inches
spread out over a lot of
"several inches" snowstorms".

The year brought many bird visitations
and  required lots of bird feeder fillings.

The first robin sighting is a sure sign
of springs arrival.

I always look forward to visits from Ann and Joe
in March after their return from the South.
(another sign of springs arrival).

In Late spring I await the arrival of  "Quackers".
She seems to have designated my pond area
as her nesting place..(5 years now).
She and her "hubs" spend the weeks  before
egg laying languishing around the pond.

Soon after hatching,
she sneaks them down to the wetlands.

There were nine this year...
I think that six of them made it to grow up.

My year included several farm visits to
Bee Haven Acres.

The spring  visit always includes
welcoming the newest additions.

Karens "farm" brings donkey visits
and an occasional ride.

Tough getting on and off these days...


2011 had its share of critters..,

and record amounts of rainfall...
(40 inches).

We took some trips down memory lane,

traveled to West  Virginia for  family
 time with Ann and Joe,

saw beautiful sunsets,

celebrated Holidays,

and enjoyed pretty flowers,

pretty food...

and yummy food...
(makes my mouth water).

This fall, we had an early snowstorm
that devastated many trees and shrubs.
It was wet and heavy.
With the leaves still on the trees,
the weight was too much.
People were without electricity for days
 and many trees were beyond saving.

Thanksgiving was celebrated by Tom and Edith.
"Phew, we made it through another one".

And, as always, there were
the ever present animal antics.

2011 was a happy and healthy year for me.
I hope it was for you as well.
Please stay with me as we travel through 2012.
I wish you only the best. 

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Beverly said...

It was a good year, and the next will be even better!!