Wednesday, January 11, 2012


One morning last week, we woke up to this..
Actually, this was after our walk.
It was 17 degrees before our walk.

This was the coldest morning so far this year.
Thankfully, it wasn't windy.

Even the rhodies were shivering.

Kitty (probably) prints across my frozen pond.

Bring it on old man winter...

We're ready for you!!!!
Two days later it was 65...

The hydrangeas are producing new buds.

                    The Poppys are greening up.

The Sedum is pushing up new buds...

The Asters are getting a head start too..
The Rodies are no longer shivering.
(Too lazy to go take a picture).
I hope they all brought their winter coats along.

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Beverly said...

You are so right....this is the weirdest winter weather we have ever had! I 'm not complaining, and neither are the piggies....we are loving the warmer days!!